Understanding the Differences Between Science and Humanities Papers

October 25, 2009

In order to help students better understand the differences between writing a paper for an English or humanities class and writing a paper for a science course, I have finished up a series of articles in the Academic Writing section on Suite 101.

The series takes a look at the differences between science and humanities papers read “Science and Humanities Papers the Differences.”

It also offers students help on writing scientific papers in “How to Write a Scientific Research Paper” as well as explaining the different required sections in “Identifying Parts of a Scientific Research Paper.” Finally the different types of styles used in formatting science and humanities papers are reviewed in  MLA, APA or URM? Different Research Paper Styles. All of the articles are listed in the right sidebar of the blog under “Science vs. English Papers.”

Image Source:  Anders Sandberg. Research. Creative Commons License.

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